Four factors should be considered in the customization of hotel lighting

2020-06-18 1323

  In order to make the hotel's decorative lighting more in line with the hotel's style characteristics and attract guests, many hotels choose the customized lighting. What should be paid attention to when the hotel orders the lighting? According to lilte lighting, four factors should be considered in the design of hotel lighting.

  Factor 1: the hotel environment, brightness requirements and style determine the customized lighting style. The hotel's environmental planning is different, so its brightness requirements are also different. In order to attract the attention of different customers, the hotel can plan more fashionable lighting from the preferences of different customers.

  Factor 2: the choice of lighting materials is a useful guarantee to determine the quality of hotel lighting. If you customize the lighting, you must put forward requirements for the materials. If you choose the lighting produced by inferior materials, there will be discoloration or polarization after long-term use, which directly affects its service life and shortens the replacement cycle of the lighting.


  Factor 3: customized price of lighting directly determines its level. If it is the same level of lighting, then its custom price base is the same. However, if it is different manufacturers, the price will vary greatly because of different manufacturing processes. Therefore, the hotel should try its best to choose the manufacturers with strength and good reputation when choosing the customized lighting manufacturers, which is the basis to ensure the quality of lighting.

  Factor 4: the hotel should fully consider the safety of lighting. Because the hotel lighting is usually custom-made lighting, its volume component is generally large, at this moment, safety and health is the factor to be considered.

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