Zhongshan Hotel lighting industry company explains what is lighting style

2020-06-18 1454

  According to the style of lamp, the lighting can be divided into four different styles: Chinese style, European style, American style and modern style. These four kinds of other lights have their own advantages.

  1. Chinese style

  Chinese style lamp: compared with the traditional Chinese style of exquisite symmetry and finesse, the Chinese style lamp also pays attention to the comparison of colors. The images are mostly Chinese elements such as Qingming River map, such as purpose, dragon and Phoenix, Peking Opera facial makeup, etc., emphasizing the feeling of classical and traditional culture verve. Chinese lamps are mainly made of cloth, ceramics, wood, rattan, bamboo and sheepskin.

  The decoration is mainly hollow or carved wood, quiet and ancient. The imitation sheepskin lamp is soft in light and warm in color. It is installed at home and gives people a warm and quiet feeling. Imitation sheepskin lamp is mainly round and square. Most of the round lamps are decorative lamps, playing a self defeating role at home; most of the square Faux Sheepskin lamps are ceiling lamps, with various fences and graphics on the periphery, which are ancient, solemn, simple and generous. The current Chinese style lamps also include some Southeast Asian style lamps, the first of which is mainly made of rattan and bamboo. The level of Chinese style lamps is relatively low. If you want to seek high-level decoration, you can also choose American style lamps.

  2. European style

  European lamp: with the emphasis on beautiful decoration, rich color, exquisite modeling to reach the elegant decorative function of European style near the decorative style, European lamp pays attention to curve modeling and color on the magnificent. Some lamps will use rust and black paint to create mottled effect and seek the feeling of imitating the old.

  3. American style

  American lamp: compared with European lamp, American lamp doesn't seem to have much difference. Its materials are the same. American lamp still pays attention to classical feelings, but its style and shape are relatively refined, its appearance is simple and generous, and it pays more attention to leisure and beauty. Its material is the same as European lamp, mostly resin and copper. American lamp is divided into big American and small American. The style of wood decoration is mainly distributed. The materials are generally resin and copper. Big American: darker colors, such as Acton. Small American style: simple, mostly made of copper.

  4. Modern

  Modern lamp: refined, special and fashion seeking are the major features of modern lamp. Its material is generally aluminum with metal texture, special smell glass, etc., and its appearance and shape are mainly represented by special techniques, and its color is mostly white and metal, which is more suitable for modern decoration style distribution.

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