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  Purchasing skills of crystal lights in hotels

  Because of its modern lines and dreamlike color features, crystal lights are sought after by many businesses, often used in hotels, hotels, banquets and other places, adding a lot of romantic dreamland atmosphere. The crystal is crystal clear, which has a great relationship with the purity. The crystal with high purity has no cracks, bubbles, water ripples and impurities. The reflection and refraction function is better, which makes the passing light form a brilliant color after coming out. The accuracy of crystal cutting is directly proportional to the refraction of crystal. When choosing crystal lamp, it is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Identify the brand to prevent the mistakes

  Now, crystal lights on the market start at 1000 yuan. Crystal lamps of different brands are similar in appearance. It is worth noting that some illegal manufacturers only make appearance articles. They install excellent lamp beads on the periphery or prominent parts of larger crystal lamps, while inferior ones are installed on the interior or hidden parts of lamps. In this way, from the appearance, they are very similar to some famous lights. For the same appearance, people usually choose the one with lower price. I don't know that those commodities, besides gold and jade, have lost their reputation. For a long time, a variety of shortcomings have emerged. So when people choose, they must polish their eyes and choose carefully. Some famous crystal lamp manufacturers, in order to ensure their quality and let customers buy the real brand and use it with concentration, will engrave the brand logo on each crystal finish, so if you buy famous, as long as you carefully identify the brand logo when you buy.

  2. Pay attention to the durability of color

  The service life of crystal lamps of different grades is also different. Although the difference between high and low grades is not outstanding, the quality difference between high and low grades is very significant. When customers purchase crystal lamps, they should first look at its colorful function, and then look at its gold plating layer. Generally, most of the metal parts are electroplated with 24K gold. This kind of gold plating will not change color or rust for several years. The low-grade ones will not achieve this effect, and they will lose their original color in two or three months. After a period of time, the color of the low-level crystal lamp will be dark, and the bracket will be rusted, while the high-level crystal lamp will not change color for two or three years or even longer.

  3. Brilliant, crystal ball is the key

  The reason why crystal lamp can shine brilliantly is mainly the purity and cut surface of crystal ball as well as the lead content. Therefore, customers need to see if there are cracks, bubbles, ripples and impurities in the crystal ball when purchasing. As long as the crystal ball is crystal clear and transparent, it can play a better role in optics, making the passing light refract a magnificent color. On the cutting surface of the crystal ball, we need to see whether it is lubricated, whether its edges and corners are clear, and then let the refraction effect of the crystal ball reach a better level. In terms of lead content In general, high-quality crystal balls will be made of all lead crystal with lead oxide content of no less than 30%. This is a pure raw material that can announce brilliant colors. The brand new crystal light can make the hotel room shine brilliantly and reflect the unique elegance. But if the time is long, the crystal light will accumulate a lot of dust on its clear and bright cut surface, which will weaken the refractivity of the crystal light, and the crystal light will lose its former style. So how can we make it back to its former glory? Don't worry, the general crystal light companies will have special cleaning personnel, you can go there to let after-sales personnel help you clean. According to the different number of crystal balls, the charge is also different. The general price is 30-50 yuan. If you find it too difficult, you can clean it yourself. Spray special detergent on the surface of crystal light, so that the floating dust of crystal ball or crystal chip will be taken away with the evaporation of liquid, which is simple, useful and easy.

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