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  How to choose hotel wall lamp?

  Wall lamp is used in the interior decoration of balcony, stair, corridor corridor corridor and bedroom. It is a common lighting in hotels. It is mostly used as auxiliary lighting and decoration. It is the primary lamp to create an outstanding atmosphere in the environment. The correct selection method can help us to set up a good wall lamp.

  1. Style of wall lamp.

  When shopping, we should choose according to the style of the hotel. There are many styles of wall lamps. Every space in the hotel should choose different styles of wall lamps. For the wall lamp installed in the dining room, it is better to use the lampshade of glass, plastic or metal materials with bright and clean appearance, so as to scrub at any time. It is not suitable to use the lampshade of fabric or yarn fabric or the lampshade with jumbled shape and pendants. The light source should be yellow fluorescent lamp or incandescent lamp, and the main color of the lamp is warm. Bedroom wall lamp, light with soft, warm tone is given priority to. The wall lamp is suitable to use the diffuse data lamp shade with low external brightness. The wall above the bedside is equipped with a glass wall lamp carved in brown, which has the ancient, elegant and profound charm. The wall lamp of the bathhouse, therefore, should light the whole bathhouse evenly with bright and soft light. For a small bathhouse, only one ceiling lamp is needed; for a large bathhouse, the method of light-emitting ceiling diffuse lighting or ceiling lamp plus wall lamp can be used. However, it should be noted that the wall lamp should have moisture-proof function. After satisfied with the basic functions, the wall lamp, after its unique and varied shape, has also become a kind of decoration, an indispensable decoration of the hotel.


  2. Quality of wall lamp.

  The selection of wall lamp materials and the scale of materials for making wall lamp are very wide: there are iron, knee, bone, wood, glass, paper, crystal, copper, PVC and so on. The selection of the shape, color and brightness of the lamps shall be the same as that of the room. When selecting the raw materials, attention shall be paid to the coordination with the whole decoration style. The lampshade is usually made of glass, while the bracket is usually made of metal. Lampshade sees its pervious to light primarily whether appropriate, and the design of exterior appearance and color should correspond with the whole style of bedroom. Whether the corrosion resistance of metal is outstanding, and whether the color and luster are bright and full are important indicators to check the quality.

  3. Lighting effect of wall lamp.

  Generally speaking, the light is soft, and the degree is less than 60 watts. In addition, different types of wall lamps should be selected according to the needs of the device. For example, if the hotel room is small, single head wall lamp will be used; if the room is large, double head wall lamp will be used; if the space is large, thicker wall lamp can be selected; otherwise, thinner wall lamp will be selected. Attention should be paid to the selection of wall lamp with protective cover, so as to avoid the risk of igniting wallpaper.

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