How to choose the hotel lobby chandelier?

2020-06-18 1337

      How to choose the hotel lobby chandelier?

         Chandelier is one of the important lamps for the hotel lobby. The commonly used chandeliers in the hotel lobby include European Candlestick chandelier, crystal chandelier, fashionable chandelier, etc. How to choose one of these chandeliers to match with the hotel?

  1. According to the style of chandelier. There are many styles of chandeliers, which should be selected according to the style of the hotel, so that the chandeliers match the whole lobby environment, and the complete combination can highlight the level of the hotel.

  2. Quality of chandelier. When purchasing the chandelier, first observe the identification of the chandelier, such as trademark, type, extra voltage, extra power, etc. Mark safety is the basic requirement of the safety performance of the chandelier, in which the extra power is particularly important. If the selected chandelier power exceeds the standard, it may cause the shell deformation, insulation damage and other problems.

  3. The structure and data of the load-bearing bracket of the chandelier. Hotel lobby chandeliers are usually large in size and rich in shape. When purchasing, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the structure and data of the load-bearing bracket match the weight of the lamps. The structure of the bracket should be suitable for the shape of the lamps. The stress of each part is even. The sectional area of the bracket component should be enough to support the weight of each part of the chandelier and the total weight of the lamps.

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