Collocation skill of soft decoration design lighting in hotel restaurant

2020-06-18 1369

  The lighting of the hotel restaurant is the eye of the soft decoration planning of the hotel, and it is the focal point of the whole soft decoration. The light announced by the lighting can compensate for the short emotional color in the soft decoration of the hotel, and announce the more attractive and warm "sunshine" after the soft decoration. Now, the lighting has not only played the role of lighting, but also the selection and deployment of the lighting in the soft decoration planning of the hotel is not a simple job. The lighting also has its strong soft decoration planning. It's not a simple job to choose a set of lighting that can not only show the level of the hotel, but also match the style of the soft clothing planning of the hotel.

  1. Mix with the soft clothing style of the hotel

  When purchasing the lighting of the hotel restaurant, first of all, we should consider whether it can be allocated with all the soft clothes of the hotel restaurant, and the style of lighting and the soft clothes planning of the hotel soft restaurant is harmonious, so that the lighting of the hotel can play a greater role in the restaurant, build a warm food air, and bring the feeling of luxury and atmosphere.

  2. The restaurant should use natural lighting

  In the soft decoration planning of the restaurant, incandescent lamp with low color temperature, milk white bulb or frosted bulb should be selected, with diffuse light, not dazzling, natural light feeling, relatively intimate and soft. The fluorescent lamp has a high color temperature. Under the light, people's faces look pale and blue, and the color of the food is also different. Mixed light source can also be selected for lighting, that is, low color temperature lamp and high color temperature lamp are used together. The function of mixed lighting is close to sunlight properly, and the light source is not monotonous, which can be selected.

  3. Remember to focus on lighting only

  People's choice of restaurant lighting, easy to make the defect is only focus on lighting methods. It should be known that the lighting method of the dining room is part of the lighting. The main purpose is to check the lamp on the dining table and illuminate the table area. It's better to choose the under covered, multi headed and combined lighting; the shape of lighting should be the same as the whole soft decoration planning style of the restaurant; the requirements of bright, soft and natural illumination required for the arrival of the air in the restaurant; generally, it's not suitable to choose the upward lighting, because it's not in line with the vision when eating.

  4. Pay attention to the auxiliary light of light

  Of course, there is more than one part of the lighting in the restaurant, but also related auxiliary lighting, which plays a role in setting off the dining environment. There are many ways to use these auxiliary lights, such as setting up lighting in the dining room furniture (glass cabinet, etc.); part lighting of artwork and soft decoration planning products, etc. We need to know that auxiliary lighting is not for lighting, but to foil the environment with the effect of light and shadow. Therefore, the illumination is lower than the light on the dining table. Under the premise of outstanding primary light source, the arrangement of light and shadow should be second-order and not disordered.

  Now, let's share the tips of shopping the chandelier in the hotel restaurant.

  1、 Chandelier is also an important lighting of high-grade hotel restaurant. Choosing a good chandelier will play a role of finishing touch. Generally, there are Candlestick chandeliers, crystal chandeliers, garden chandeliers, dining chandeliers, etc. There are a lot of styles. When purchasing, you should also follow the style of soft clothing planning of the hotel restaurant. A complete combination of talents highlights the level of the restaurant.

  2、 In order to reach the atmosphere required by the hotel's soft decoration, the chandelier should not be installed too high, just on the horizon of the diner. For a rectangular dining table, the chandelier should have light and shade adjuster and lifting function, so that it can also be used for other operations. Chinese food pays attention to color, fragrance, taste and shape, and often needs some bright warm colors. When enjoying Western food, if the light is a little dark and soft, you can build a romantic mood.

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